Princess Isabel
Background information
Feature films Elena and the Secret of Avalor
Short films
Television programs Elena of Avalor
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jenna Ortega
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Isabel Flores
Other names Isa
Personality Kind, clever, knowledgeable, creative
Appearance Slender, tan skin, long brown hair, amber-brown eyes
Occupation Princess of Avalor
Alignment Good
Home Avalor
Relatives The King of Avalor (father; deceased)
The Queen of Avalor (mother; deceased)
Princess Elena (older sister)
Francisco (maternal grandfather)
Luisa (maternal grandmother)
Duke Esteban (maternal first cousin)
Allies Alakazar, Mateo, Migs, Luna and Skylar, Gabe
Enemies Shuriki
Likes Inventing, writing, having fun with her sister, drawing
Dislikes Her inventions going wrong, broken promises
Powers and abilities
Possessions Her journal

Princess Isabel is a major character who appears in the Disney Channel animated series, Elena of Avalor. She is Elena's younger sister, and the second princess of the Kingdom of Avalor.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Princess Isabel is a precocious girl who's very creative and loves to draw and invent. She's also shown to love her older sister and spending time with her. Like another precious Princess, Isabel values keeping promises no matter what to the point where she dislikes people breaking promises they made her.


Sofia the FirstEdit

Isabel will appear in the upcoming special, Elena and the Secret of Avalor. When the evil power-hungry sorceress Shuriki invaded the Kingdom of Avalor, Isabel and her grandparents were placed inside an Enchanted Painting for their protection while her sister, Elena, ended up trapped inside the Amulet of Avalor when she confronted Shuriki alone. Forty-one years later, Isabel and her grandparents were released from the portrait and helped Elena defeat Shuriki and liberate their kingdom.[1]

Elena of AvalorEdit

In the series that serves as the special's sequel, Isabel is a major character alongside with the rest of her family.


  • Isabel is an inventor, just like Harley Diaz, Jenna Ortega's character in Stuck In The Middle.  



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