Luisa 2
Background information
Feature films Elena and the Secret of Avalor
Short films
Television programs Elena of Avalor
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Julia Vera
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Abuela
Personality Kind, fair, optimistic, warmhearted
Occupation Member of the Grand Council of Avalor
Alignment Good
Goal To help Elena
Home Avalor
Relatives Francisco (husband)
The King of Avalor (son-in-law; deceased)
The Queen of Avalor (daughter; deceased)
Princess Elena (older granddaughter)
Princess Isabel (younger granddaughter)
Chancellor Esteban (grandson)
Allies Alakazar
Enemies Shuriki
Likes Her granddaughters
Powers and abilities

Luisa is a major character who appears in the Disney Channel animated series, Elena of Avalor. She is Princess Elena and Princess Isabel's maternal grandmother.


Luisa is an optimist who, as Elena points out, always looks on the bright side of things. However, this is never to the point of being naive for she has a very sharp attention to details. She's also revealed to be an excellent cook and to have a dislike for being kept in the dark.


Sofia the FirstEdit

Luisa will appear in the upcoming special, Elena and the Secret of Avalor. When the sorceress Shuriki attacked the Kingdom of Avalor and killed the King and Queen, Alakazar, the Royal Sorcerer, decided to keep the surviving members of the Royal Family safe by placing her, her husband Francisco, and her youngest granddaughter Princess Isabel inside an Enchanted Painting while her eldest granddaughter Crown Princess Elena faced Shuriki alone to buy him time. They succeeded and the three of them were placed inside the painting where they would remain for forty-one years until Elena finally let them out and defeats Shuriki.

Elena of AvalorEdit

In the series that serves as the special's sequel, Luisa appears a major character. She is a member of the Grand Council, who was chosen by Elena for her optimism. Through the course of the show, Luisa, along with her husband, assists Elena in her journey to becoming Queen.


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